Jim Knight Training

I was asked to participate in Jim Knight training held at Kuna school district.  The speaker introduced us to coaching and training the teachers in respective buildings.  It was for 2 – 8 hour days.  I learned about using coach speak when working with teachers in the buildings.  I also learned about how to build the trust first in those buildings to be able to get into them to work with the teachers.  The partnership aspect of coaching is extremely important.  If your peer/teacher is not a “partner” in the plan the teacher will not feel valued.  We all know where this type of partnership ends….  The teaching by modeling aspect of coaching is a plan that I had not thought of before.  It makes sense that if you model exemplary teaching then the teacher will walk away with new learned behaviors and tactics for the teachers toolbox.  I plan to employ this method.  I met many people from other districts and made some good connections in my filed of expertise.

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