Teaching digital citizenship

I was encouraged by our director of elementary school principals to train our computer teachers in our district.  The principals in turn would allow me to come into their classes and help teach the students about digital citizenship.  I began my journey by researching and building lesson plans about digital citizenship for grades k-5.  I began this process in Oct. and then began designing and creating an online course for professional development.  I wanted to introduce the online learning platform for our busy teachers.  I built the course inside of Brainhoney and obtained credentials to teach the professional development course through NNU.  The process of designing and creating an online course if time consuming but exciting.  It took me approximately 80 hours of work to create the course!  I had to make sure the materials used in the course were not copyrighted.  I received permission from many sources.  Teachers are a wonderfully creative and collaborative bunch.  I look forward to creating more courses.

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