PLC Comparison

I have chosen to learn more about Whiteboards in the classroom, which is an open PLC and GSA or graduate student association which is a closed PLC. They are both excellent PLCs to get information about their specific content. It is interesting to see how many participants post comments and links to resources. The whiteboard PLC had excellent contributions to resources whereas the GSA PLC is meant for educational technology members at Boise State University only. It has excellent members that are very knowledgeable about using technology in the classroom or even in business applications. Click here to go to my comparison table.



I participated in the GSA meeting for the month of Oct (Sept 27-Oct 4). I mainly lurked in the chats and discussions about the structure we are setting up for the GSA. The experience and leadership that my colleagues bring to the table are invaluable. We are only 1 year old and are still figuring out how to proceed as an association. In fact all of the topics covered are about how to proceed as an organization, what are goals are, and how to help future educational technologists. I learned that my colleagues have very good ideas and are willing to participate to make the changes happen. Because of the collection of participants, we are going forward with a newsletter, online journal, linkedin, and a “to be developed website”. The newsletter should be fascinating to set up and develop- linking relevant news and tools. I have volunteered to work on the website and will help in the peer review. It is very exciting to be at the grassroots level of an organization that can make a lasting impression upon future educational technologists.

I have joined the Academia network and connected with 8 peers already. I sent more invitations to my fellow students to join me in this network. I also have 3 peers following my work. I have added 4 papers and websites that I have completed to this network. I will continue to add my completed work through the remainder of my schooling.

Subscribing to RSS

I have begun an RSS feed located at my sidebar to further enhance my learning and participation in technology. In reading TechLearning I have found several sites that make digital books. It is interesting and I hope to incorporate a digital book into one of my projects. I also have twitter located in my blog now in hopes of attracting more viewers!

Using Issuu

I have uploaded 4 documents from my learning at Boise State University. I have found Issuu accepts specific formats in their upload process. It is a slick way to view formal documents or create something fun to view. I have already received feedback and look forward to showcasing my future works with my peers!

Fact Visual

This is my updated lesson plan that has the fact visual embedded.

Reptile Lesson

The fact visual is intended to help the student learn about snakes and their vocabulary words.  I started with a static image of a snake book and listed in text underneath the image.  I wanted to add rollovers with vocabulary words highlighted.  The vocabulary words are hidden under another image to the left (Snake showing several behaviors!).  The students are directed through instructions to use rollovers on the text.  I also included a flash slide show to help relieve cognitive load and help build mental models for the vocabulary words.Fact Visual

Concept Visual

This is my updated Insect Adaptions Lesson Plan that has the concept visual embedded.

This is my concept visual.  In this visual I wanted to teach the students about insect adaptation.  The visual has three concepts to be learned.

In the first page I have the three concepts identified by images with corresponding text underneath.  I then added audio to help relieve cognitive load.  The final page added was a self check quiz to determine concept understanding.  Within each page of the concepts (protection, development, and lifestyle niche) I have added audio for cognitive load.  I added a glow to the first page to offset the images cuing the learner.  The learner can start at any page and proceed.  I have instructions on each page helping relieve cognitive load and instructing the learner about the concept currently viewing.  The colors blend with each other adding an interesting and stimulating view.  I was pleased with the pages presented.Concept Visual

Procedure Visual

This is my Wetland Animal Lesson Plan for the procedure visual.

This procedure visual is set to help the 5th grade students learn how to properly search the internet.  I made 4 pages with audio included.  Each page takes the student through the procedure that is color coded and highlighted with screen shots from my computer.  The audio is intended to relieve cognitive load and any stress or tension when learning a new procedure.Procedure Visual